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The design of each master key lock system in Thornhill ON must be customized to meet the needs of every building. To get professional assistance and excellent installation service, come to us. We are an experienced locksmith and ready to offer solutions and the best pros in town for the job. From building a new system to expanding or servicing the existing one, Thornhill Lock & Key is your go-to Master Key Lock System Thornhillcompany. Contact us.

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Do you want to know more about the apt building master key system choices? Do you want an expert to build a system tailored to your building’s needs? Call our company. We will be more than happy to help you with these projects. Master systems are excellent for all types of buildings. Big or small, buildings have all sorts of areas that must be accessed by a number but not all people. That’s where a tailored system comes to save the situation.

With the appropriate office master key system in Thornhill, Ontario, you don’t have to keep keys from every door in your pocket. If secretaries or the heads of each department need access to certain areas, you can provide them with their own master keys. The number of master keys cut depends on how many people will have access to how many doors. And so there are variations between master keys. The grand master key will open all doors while others will only unlock a few doors.

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In order for the master key lock system to work, it must be built right. This can happen with the help of an expert locksmith. The pro will rekey the locks in a way that each will work with its own key but also with the pre-arranged master keys. A tech will prepare the keys but can also come to replace them if any of them are damaged. You can contact us if you have any problems with the existing Thornhill master key lock system or want to expand the design. We can help with everything. Just give us a call today.