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Locksmith Thornhill

Experts in key cutting serve Thornhill, Ontario. The service is provided as soon as needed and always with the appropriate machines, products, and tools. Do you want new keys cut? Is it urgent that you have a new key cut? Or, is this your choice simply because you need some key duplicates? Whatever your case, turn to Thornhill Lock & Key.

Key cutting Thornhill specialists

Key Cutting Thornhill

Thornhill key cutting masters are at your service. Equipped as required and ready to take action, local experts cut keys before you know it. We are fully aware that some situations are time-pressing – if not utterly urgent. For such a reason, our team remains on its toes and is ready to send help out.

Key cutting means making keys by using original keys. We like to assure you of the excellent preparedness and expertise of the locksmiths. No matter which key you want made, you can be certain of the flawless way is cut.

The locksmiths use the correct key blank to cut a new key. They use the original key to make one or more copies. Or, to replace keys. And so, you can see that you can count on our team for the full range of services.

Locksmiths make keys to meet everyone’s needs

  •          Key cutting is actually the art of key duplicating. You say which one of your keys you want duplicated and the pro makes as many copies as needed.
  •          Locksmiths make new keys when the original ones start showing signs of wear. Is one of your keys rusty, dented, or distorted? Even if it still works, it’s best to have it soon replaced – better sooner than later, to avoid problems down the road.
  •          If you are already faced with serious problems with a key, replacing the damaged or even broken key will take you only a phone call or message to our company.

Be sure that the pros have the experience and the tools to handle any key problem and provide any key service. And so, if your key is stuck in the lock, don’t worry. It can be extracted.

Any key can be copied or replaced. The service is provided by qualified locksmiths at very good rates and as soon as you want it. So, what’s the point of taking chances with damaged keys? Why wait if you want a duplicate? If it’s time for key cutting, Thornhill’s most devoted team is at your service.