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Locksmith Thornhill

Having a difficult time opening your file cabinet locks in Thornhill, Ontario? Or, is the key missing and, naturally, you cannot do that? Whatever is wrong and in spite of the lock type, reach our team. At Thornhill Lock & Key, we always take swift action to serve, aware that more often than not the files in these cabinets are important.

Then, it’s all about ensuring excellent service. Who likes new file cabinet locks set up all wrong? Our experience in these services and all types of locks designed for file cabinets of all styles makes a difference. And not only that. You see, as a professional locksmith team, we keep learning all new things in our industry and so serve well, each & every time.

Thornhill file cabinet locks change in a timely manner

File Cabinet Locks Thornhill

Chances are high your Thornhill file cabinet locks are damaged, worn, or simply won’t open. Several things may go wrong, starting with their overall condition and age – two factors that always influence the performance of the lock. The bottom line is that if you cannot lock the file cabinet, you cannot protect all things you keep in there. And this is often too risky, especially in big firms or police stations. Isn’t it? Then again, you need easy access to your files and all other things in the cabinet. If you cannot unlock it or the key is nowhere to be found, you need to take action. Are you doing that? Place your call to our company and let us take over.

All services related to the locks & keys of file cabinets are done expertly

We are ready to send pros to unlock these cabinets or replace the file cabinet lock. If the lock is too damaged to serve its purpose, you surely want another one to take its place. No problem. The pros set up new locking systems then and there. Of course, if the lock is fine but the key is damaged, there’s no need to change the lock but simply get a new key. It’s all happening quickly and proficiently, when you turn to us – lock replacement, file cabinet keys making, extraction of the broken key. What do you need?

Whatever it is bothering you, you surely want it addressed but you may fear to ask about the cost. Don’t have such fears. Not only because we keep the rates down but also because our team is ready to offer you a quote – no strings attached, of course. So, what are you waiting for? Want service for your file cabinet locks, Thornhill experts, a quote? Call us.