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Locksmith Thornhill

Our emergency locksmith in Thornhill will always administer cost-effective service quickly. Emergency lock & key situations require fast service from our thoroughly trained professionals. You do not want to wait several days for emergency service and you should not need to. At Thornhill Lock & Key, we are the local service provider you can count on to provide quality service at a fair price. Call us immediately for the exceptional lockout, rekey, and lock change emergencies. We promise to respond with urgency and resolve the problem as quickly as possible.Emergency Locksmith Thornhill

The 24 Hour Locksmith

Emergency lock & key services require a 24 hour locksmith that is committed to providing the most effective service possible. Most of our emergency service calls are for speedy car lockout services. Our mobile capability makes it feasible for us to respond quickly to any part of the Thornhill, Ontario residential or commercial community. We will unlock any automobile door and have you back inside in no time. You will not find an emergency locksmith more dedicated to providing trusted service. Every service we provide is guaranteed.

We specialize in car and house lockout service. Our experts will open office doors as well. Beyond lockout services, we also offer outstanding lock rekey service. If a lock is in quality condition, it is not necessary to change it out. In some cases, the lock may be rekeyed. This is very popular when people want to keep the existing locks and only change the keys. Our professionals alter the tumblers to use a new set of keys and the problem is solved. We do not pursue lock change service unless it is beneficial to our successful journey.

Our Emergency Locksmith Works Hard for You

Lock & Key Thornhill is a local service provider that goes all out for our residential and commercial customers. Give our experts a call first when you need a Thornhill emergency locksmith you can truly trust.