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Locksmith Thornhill

Do you have to push a door to close and lock it? Want a door’s hinges replaced? If you are in need of door repair in Thornhill, Ontario, put your trust in our team. Tell us which one of your doors is giving you trouble – and what kind of trouble we are talking about!

At Thornhill Lock & Key, we know how anxious you must be, especially if we are talking about exterior door failure or damage. But we are also here to inform you that it takes a quick phone call or a short message to our team to get door repair service in Thornhill.

Count on us for emergency door repair in Thornhill

Door Repair Thornhill

When you choose our team for the needed door repair, Thornhill technicians show up as soon as possible. In our company, we know all too well that door damage – even minor issues – may cause serious problems. Even if we are talking about interior doors – let alone main entry points – some failures may block traffic. Or may lock someone inside a room. If this is a commercial facility, door problems may slow down the business or raise safety and security concerns. For all such reasons, our team takes swift action to serve as fast as possible. We always serve quickly, even more when there’s a need for emergency door repair.

Say that the glass of the patio doors breaks or that the front door won’t shut. Wouldn’t you want door repair service urgently? And how about if a main entry point or an emergency door at your business is stuck and won’t open? Wouldn’t you want commercial door repair really fast? You can always depend on our team for fast solutions to door problems.

Full door repairs and services – home and commercial door repair

It’s vital to say that all techs assigned to services are experienced with all types of doors. Whichever door is not closing or opening, fails to lock, makes noises, or acts up in any other way, call us for the needed repair service.

  •          Commercial main entrance service
  •          Screen door repair
  •          Push bar door repair
  •          Sliding glass doors repair
  •          Broken glass replacement
  •          Swing door service
  •          Rotating door repair
  •          Front door replacement

Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you are considering the replacement of one or more doors right now. And don’t think twice about calling us if the specific door issue seems minor. Whether you want a door replaced or fixed, you can count on us. Whether this is a small glitch, a major failure, or some door damage, you can rely on our team’s responsiveness. Just tell us if you seek a Thornhill door repair tech and we’ll direct a pro your way as soon as possible.